Natasha de Grunwald

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Sunday Workshop - (hands-on) 14 places, 14 available

Thai Massage techniques for the skin, fascia and joints

In this mainly practical & hands-on class we will teach Thai bodywork techniques such as deep compressions, stretching, rolling, beating, squeezing, traction, vibration and range of motion. These are incredibly effective for addressing 4 of the 5 layers of the physical body such as the skin, fascia, muscle and joints and show Thai massage in its true form.

Natasha will talk about these layers, touching on textures of the fascia through the Thai anatomy lens whilst interweaving her first hand knowledge from dissection.

There will also be a brief introduction to Thai element theory, and how understanding Earth, Water, Fire and Wind affect how to treat the individual in clinical practice.

Participants will pair up to give and receive the massage, being shown how to use the fascia of the feet, forearms and hands as a sensory organ. Our approach is unique in the western world as we teach Thai Massage in keeping with Thai ancient lineage.

Natasha de Grunwald is the founder and lead educator at London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage.

She was a pioneer of this style of bodywork in the UK and has been a practitioner since 1990. Her school is part of a small international guild of Thai medicine instructors who observe specific lineage teachings as they have been historically practiced and taught in Thailand. They are unique in the western world in that they approach all aspects of the craft through the lens of Thai medical theory, handed down through a Thai lineage.

Natasha draws on her knowledge of the body from her extensive dissection experience and 27 years in practice to guide students through effective, remedial Thai bodywork techniques that consider the layers of the body, specifically skin, fascia and joints.

Take a look at Natasha in action.

Requirements for course:

Open to all practising therapists.

Wear loose, comfortable clothes (no jeans or skirts).

Please bring a Yoga mat.