British Fascia Symposium
St. Johns Hotel, Solihull Birmingham, UK, 16/17 May 2020

Welcome to the British Fascia Symposium.  This is the fourth biennial Symposium dedicated to bringing the latest knowledge about fascia to therapists, movement teachers, sports coaches….. in fact, anyone who works with the body.   We are relaunching our website soon with all the exciting events planned for 2020.  Please register, using the Call to Action that appears on this page on the right hand side, to be added to our emailing list for regular updates on all things BFS.

Jan Trewartha, Founder & Director of BFS

Founded and Directed by Jan Trewartha, Principal of
Body In Harmony Training.

The British Fascia Symposium was inspired by the Fascia Research Congress, but I wanted to create an event that was practice-led for those working directly with the body.  From the beginning I have been helped and supported by a wonderful committee who have all been invaluable, and without whom the Symposium would not have become what it now is.   When the British Fascia Symposium 2014 took place, we had no idea it would become the prestigious gathering it has; this happened because of the overwhelming support and welcome it has received from the therapy world.  My gratitude to everyone who has been a part of the Symposium and supported us over the years.

Additional Main Stage Speakers

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