British Fascia Symposium 2020

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Overview of Event

We are very happy to welcome you back to the fourth British Fascia Symposium. This event is dedicated to bringing the latest knowledge about fascia to:

  • therapists,
  • movement teachers,
  • sports coaches,
  • physiotherapists,
  • osteopaths, and
  • chiropractors

… fact, anyone who works with the body and wants to know more about the fascination of fascia.  

We have a fantastic line up of speakers, workshops and events planned for you and we are so pleased to welcome a host of leading experts, led by our two keynote speakers:

  • Dr Jaap van der Wal, an expert in Phenomenological Embryology and Dynamic Morphology
  • Dr Robert Schleip, Director of the Fascia Research Project at Ulm University, Germany.

Both are renowned fascia experts and enthralling speakers, and we are delighted to have them head our line-up for 2020.  Main stage and parallel lectures, hands-on workshops and movement classes; join us for a weekend of immersion in all things fascia.

Our aim is to inspire you to further your knowledge of fascia through lectures and workshops, enhance your understanding of the body and provide you with knowledge which will inform your work and practice.

We look forward to seeing you in May!

Keynote Speakers

Jaap van der Wal MD, PhD:
University of Maastricht, Holland


Robert Schleip Ph.D: Director of the Fascia Research
Project at Ulm University, Germany.



Director of Functional

Sue Hitzmann

Creator of the
MELT Method®

Til Luchau

Director of


Further Main Stage Speakers


Therapy Fusion


Structural Integrator and Fascial


Principal of Body in Harmony Training. BFS Founder and


About the Sessions

The fourth British Fascia Symposium, as always, brings you the latest in fascia knowledge and the leading speakers and workshop teachers, focusing on the interests and needs of the therapists; we are very much a practice-led event.

This year we are pleased to welcome Dr Jaap van der Wal for the first time; Jaap’s keynote lecture will be on “The origin of Fascia - The fascial system as the organization of the Inner tissue (Mesenchyme) providing Connectivity and Mobility, Tensegrity and Integrity”. Jaap is a leader in his field and has been described by Tom Myers as “One of the most passionate Renaissance thinkers in the anatomical world.”

Our second keynote speaker is Dr Robert Schleip, who we are delighted to welcome back.  Robert will give an overview of the latest insights into Fascia research, offering valuable new suggestions and answers for manual and movement therapists. 

Running parallel to the main stage is an exciting variety of hands-on workshops, lectures and movement classes which are bookable on a first come, first served basis.  Click below to join us - we look forward to seeing you there!

Saturday night buffet and party

It would not be the British Fascia Symposium if we didn't also take some time to celebrate and reconnect with colleagues.  We are excited to be, again this year, holding our Saturday night buffet dinner and dance event with our ‘resident’ all round musician and DJ, Gus de la Querra ensuring we’ll be up dancing and getting that fascia moving!

The buffet dinner will cater for most dietary requirements, while the Grand Charity Raffle tickets with the many fabulous prizes are only available to diners, so book your ticket now as numbers are limited.

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