Brittany Spence

Brittany Spence

Brittany Spence

Brittany Spence is Chair of the British Complementary Medicine Association and also Chair of the

Association of Physical and Natural Therapists. In these roles, she is very active in the promotion of

CAM therapies and works diligently behind the scenes in both NHS and Parliamentary discussions.

Because of these roles, she is a very keen advocate in research of all Complementary Therapies; but

as a Practising Bodywork Therapist of over 14 years, she is particularly passionate about soft tissue

research and is delighted and humbled to be a part of the BFS organising committee for a 3rd

consecutive event. In 2014 she wrote the #1 International Best Selling Book “The Successful

Therapist System” with an aim to help other therapists reach their career goals. The popularity of

her book led Brittany to create an online course based on the book which has in turn seen her grow

into a sought-after Career and Marketing Consultant for health & wellness professionals around the

world. You can learn more about what Brittany gets up to at