Founder and Director, Jan Trewartha

Founder and Director, Jan Trewartha


Founder and Director

I first had the idea for the British Fascia Symposium while attending the Fascia Research Congress in Vancouver, but wanted it to be practice-led and designed for therapists, rather than research-focused.  Also, with scientific input but made accessible.  I had a real desire to provide an educational event that informed therapists about fascia and gave them hands-on skills they could take away and use.  From the very beginning I was supported by an invaluable committee and, after much hard work, 2014 saw the introduction of the first British Fascia Symposium; the response was so positive that it was inevitable it would be repeated.

The other side of my work is in the clinic, as a Body Realigner and Scar Specialist, and teaching as Principal of Body in Harmony Training, focusing on light touch work: Fascial Unwinding & Energy Awareness, Body Realignment, and Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork; I love travelling around the country, teaching new skills to dedicated therapists.

Another focus of interest is Biotensegrity, the concept developed by Dr Stephen Levin and I am a member of the Biotensegrity Interest Group.

Being General Secretary and Fascia and Energy Consultant for the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists, also keeps me busy.  The APNT is an excellent professional body to which I have belonged for many years and which is very much behind me with the Symposium; they were our first sponsors back in 2014 and I am grateful for their continual support.