Ruth Duncan, Consultant

Ruth Duncan, Consultant

Ruth Duncan


Director of Myofascial Release UK

Dip Sports Therapy, Dip Sports and Remedial Massage, Dip Clinical Hypnotherapist and Myofascial Release Specialist

Due to increasing demands on her time, speaking and teaching internationally, Ruth has decided to withdraw from the committee but stays with us as a consultant. 

Ruth was the winner of the Camexpo Outstanding Achievement Award for the Industry in 2014 and is the author of ‘A Hands On Guide to Myofascial Release’ published by Human Kinetics the same year.

Ruth specialises in myofascial release and has been in clinical practice for 16 years as well as teaching myofascial release for 12 years.

Her own myofascial training includes the work of John F. Barnes, Thomas Myers and Erik Dalton. Through her training and extensive experience, Ruth has developed an integration of valuable fascial and connective tissue approaches and functional fascial rehabilitation and self care modalities.

She is the owner of Myofascial Release UK (MFR UK) offering myofascial workshops to healthcare professionals in the UK and internationally.

Ruth presented a clinical poster at 4th International Fascial Research Congress in Washington DC in 2015 which was also printed in the congress handbook and the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies.

She regularly writes articles for trade magazines as well as offering lectures and workshops at healthcare conferences and trade shows.

Ruth is passionate about the skilful integration of musculoskeletal orthopaedic soft tissue and myofascial skills with the art of kinaesthetic touch encouraging ‘listening hands’ which feel and follow the natural ebb and flow of the body’s fascial matrix finding and resolving restrictions turning dysfunction to function.