Prize: 2 prizes of Blackroll sets

Value: £400

BLACKROLL® THE HEALTHSTYLE COMPANY Healthstyle brand since 2007. We believe that improving well-being and general health is for a great part in our own hands. BLACKROLL designs and produces (MADE in GERMANY) high-quality therapeutic, sports and healthcare tools that are available to everyone, and are easily integrated into your everyday life. From myofascial (self-)treatment to functional training, we are convinced that targeted training in combination with recovery will sustainably improve performance, and prevents injury and pain. Good health is your most precious source of happiness. We prescribe movement.



Prize no 1;

BLACKROLL® RELEAZER THERAPY SET: MUST HAVES FOR THE FASCIA-NATED.  This set was compiled by Christopher-Marc Gordon, inventor of the RELEAZER. Along with the punctual smaller BLACKROLL® tools, this encompassing set supports to decrease pain sensitivity and prepares the tissue for treatment.

Prize no 2:

BLACKROLL® BOOSTER set  (with MED BLACKROLL®): An amazing tool for therapists and trainers to release fascia quickly and efficiently with vibration.

Athletes and “everyday rollers” can now level up with the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER: the vibrating core (12-56Hz range) which retrofits every 30 cm BLACKROLL®.

Shower your fasciae by adding vibration, and target tensions even more efficiently.

Therapists as well have the added benefit of using the BOOSTER as a punctual device without the roll, to target local tensions in the myofascial structure, loosening stiff tissue and increasing blood flow.