Blend Therapy Training

Prize: 6 day TMJ training course

Value: £900

Blend will be offering a full place on their Post Graduate Diploma in TMJ Therapy which has a value of £900.

The course is 6 days long and takes place over 3 two day modules. Dates will be confirmed prior to the British Fascia Symposium.

Below are details of this specialist post-graduate training.

Welcome to The Post Graduate Diploma in TMJ Therapy®

The World Health Organisation postulated that 1 in 4 people suffer from TMJ, head and neck pain, with conventional treatment having little or no effect In 2002 after almost 20 years as a dental nurse, Tracey Kiernan combined her extensive experience of working with TMJ patients with her training as a clinical massage therapist to create an effective protocol for getting people out of pain and restriction in less than 6 treatments.

In 2007 she created the first TMJ course which has been taught to hundreds of therapists across the UK, who are all achieving astounding results with this difficult problem. These unique skills will help you achieve results with patients who have often suffered for years with little hope of recovery The course has been constantly updated and improved as Tracey’s specialist work on this subject has evolved over the last 17 years. Building on the success of the original one day training, this unique diploma is composed of 3 x 2 day modules, plus home study. This course will give you a range of skills to combat this common and debilitating condition, build your confidence and grow your practice.

The welcome pack contains a collection of documents and forms to assist you in your practice and learning including:

Complete course syllabus

Case study guide

Sample case study for clinical bodywork

Reading list

TMJ Article

Patient informed consent form

TMJ Therapy® intake form

Client hours log

Reflective journal template

There is also advice on how to write reflectively and a link to an excellent study guide from the `University of Leicester You will also find your student learning agreement and contract which is specific to you. Please read all of the documents carefully including the syllabus and case study guides. They are there to help you and it is your responsibility to ensure you familiarise yourself with all they entail.

Assessment, review and exam days. You will be continuously assessed throughout your training, in class. You will complete a series of case studies, along with a client hours log to show you are gathering practical experience. You will keep a reflective journal throughout the year to help you monitor your progress and encourage you to reflect on your practice so you may identify where you need additional support with your studies. Your final assessment will be a theoretical and practical exam. You will be offered opportunities to attend additional review days through the year. You will be invited to a closed facebook group for additional support and there will also be online facebook live broadcasts available to you. These will be optional for attendance however we strongly recommend you take advantage of these days as they will be tailored to the needs of the student to help you prepare for your final exams. The diploma is a culmination of many years of dedicated work in the development of TMJ Therapy and we are immensely proud of the protocol and passionate about delivering excellent quality training in this subject.

Thank you for your dedication to your self development and to your clients.

The Post Graduate Diploma in TMJ Therapy® Blend Therapy Training

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