Body in Harmony Training

Prize: Sharon Wheeler's ScarWork course

Value: £495

Course open to practising physical therapists with a minimum of one year’s experience.

Prize must be taken by 31st May 2019.

Trained as a Rolfer by Ida Rolf herself, Sharon Wheeler lives and works in Seattle, U.S. Sharon developed ScarWork through curiosity mixed with the spirit of invention over 40+ years of practice. Working with scar tissue is like speaking another language in the world of fascia.  ScarWork is light, casual, and effective on most scars. It is easy to learn and a pleasure to do. There are over 20 techniques that smooth out uneven lumps, bumps, ridges, strings, gaps, and fill holes painlessly and permanently.   Re-establishing the resilient 3D quality of the fascial web creates better functioning. With the restrictions and adhesions of a scar resolved, impaired nerves can regain sensation and internal organ functions can normalize. Not to mention that the cosmetic effect can be remarkable.

See testimonials and before/after photographs and videos of how ScarWork has helped people.

Body in Harmony Training delivers courses in Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork, Fascial Unwinding & Energy Awareness, and the diploma in Body Realignment.  We specialise in teaching light touch therapies; less is more and the body responds to subtle work at a most profound level. We are an APNT accredited and BCMA affiliated school.