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Prize: 2 sets of books authored by Carol M. Davis - value £150 per set

Value: £150


Integrative Therapies in Rehabilitation Evidence for Efficacy in Therapy, Prevention, and Wellness, Fourth Edition

Jul-2016 | Hardback | 9781630910433 | 375pp | £74.95

This renowned text, now in its fourth edition, relates the updated scientific evidence and the clinical efficacy of integrating what have now become well known complementary and alternative therapies in rehabilitation to successfully improve patient outcomes. It has been developed to accompany university courses in complementary and alternative therapies, as a reference manual for clinical practices, and as a resource for those interested in the science behind holistic therapies.



Patient Practitioner Interaction An Experiential Manual for Developing the Art of Health Care, Sixth Edition

Mar-2016 | Hardback | 9781630910464 | 325pp | £74.95

For over 20 years, Patient Practitioner Interaction has been the cornerstone textbook for health care professionals to learn and develop effective interpersonal professional behaviour. This updated sixth edition continues to teach health care professionals how to develop self-awareness and communication skills critical to providing ethical, compassionate, and professional treatment and care for and with their patients.