Therapy Essentials

Prize: Affinity Saddle Stool, Soft Contour Bolster and 2 Part Fleece Pad Set

Value: £175

Affinity brand products have evolved from a real understanding of what you, as therapists, want and more importantly what you expect from a leading manufacturer.  We are very proud of our reputation for quality, reliability, innovation and unquestionable value.  Our understanding of your needs and our ability to deliver products that are fit for purpose is what makes Therapy Essentials unique.
Our raffle prize has been carefully put together to offer you a selection of our favourite accessories which we hope you will love as much as we do.  We include our Affinity Saddle Stool as it is incredibly comfortable and will look after your posture, our favourite Affinity Soft Contour Bolster and the luxurious Affinity Fleece Pad Set which offers a lovely layer of luxury to any therapy couch.
If you are not lucky enough to win, contact us quoting ‘BFSDEL’for a discount code so that you too can enjoy these super products., email: