Body in Harmony Training

Principal: Jan Trewartha B.A.(Hons.)  

j_trewarthaJan has been in healthcare since 1979. Originally trained as a State Registered Nurse, she started learning to massage whilst travelling abroad in 1989, went into practice in 1992, and over the years has developed her skills, specialising in physical and emotional trauma release.  Her work has now developed, in no small part due to training with Sharon Wheeler, and now she works with scars and adhesions extensively. Jan has been teaching massage, bodywork, meditation and self-development since 1993. She is the Principal of Body in Harmony Training.

Jan is the Founder and Director of the British Fascia Symposium, and also the Fascia & Energy Consultant for the APNT (Association of Physical and Natural Therapists) and sits on the Executive Committee. The School is fully accredited by the APNT and the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA).  Jan is also a member of the Biotensegrity Interest Group (BIG) and will be giving a lecture on The Effect of Scars and Adhesions on the Body at the Biotensegrity Pre-conference day on May 11th, prior to BFS 18.

Body in Harmony Training teaches light touch work:

* The 4-day Fascial Unwinding & Energy Awareness course (stand-alone CPD as well as being the Foundation course for the Body Realignment diploma

* The diploma in Body Realignment – facilitated positional release with the emphasis on developing light touch and body scanning ability, with energy awareness and self-development

* The 4-day ScarWork course.  ScarWork was developed by Sharon Wheeler and is now available in the UK.  A subtle, light touch treatment, ScarWork is a powerful approach that sees some fascinating and profound changes in the scar and the adhered tissues.  For some interesting before and after photos click here.

*A one-day advanced training course for qualified Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork therapists, in working with pelvic scars.

For the full course list click here


Symposium special offer:

For the British Fascia Symposium we are offering a 10% discount on the Fascial Unwinding and the ScarWork courses taught by Jan Trewartha, booked at the event.