Fascial Fitness Association

Interested in becoming a Certified Fascial Fitness Trainer’ Interested in staying connected with the leading-edge of applying latest fascia research news from the rapidly advancing fascia research field into practical fitness and movement applications?

The Fascial Fitness Association was founded by Robert Schleip PhD, Tom Myers, Divo Mueller and several other international experts in early 2010 and has spearheaded the systematic exploration of fascia oriented training components since then. Meanwhile many other fascia oriented training methods have been drawn form that source of information and inspiration and continue to move on with us for latest news and training application. As true networkers, we see this as a promising reconfirmation for continuing our mission of staying in close connection with the leading fascia researchers and to implement new findings with our somatic movement enthusiasm. Join us for highly competent continuing education trainings all over Europe as well as worldwide.  www.fascial-fitness.com