Flexxicore (Energy for Health)

An invigorating workout in just 5 minutes?  Impossible?

With the FlexxiCore Challenger it is possible, and without going to the gym.

The FlexxiCore Challenger’s constantly changing patterns of vibrational frequencies and oscillations trigger automatic responses from the muscles and nervous system in a high intensity rhythm, boosting circulation, flexibility and poise.
The FlexxiCore Challenger’s remote allows easy control of session length and speed, and comes with 3 pre-set programmes.
The FlexxiCore Challenger can be easily moved around thanks to the rollers at one end; and stowing it away is simple thanks to its convenient shape.
The whole family can benefit: children, adults who want to stay fit, and seniors keen to keep muscles supple and bone loss at bay.
The FlexxiCore Challenger is designed to trigger our natural self-balancing capacity with subtle vibrations. These are combined with sideways oscillations which mimic our gait as we walk or run.