Since its start in 1986, NAQI® has focused on  creating  healthy skin , actively merging sports , physical therapy and  dermatology in 1 brand.

So what makes the difference ?

  1. Specialized  : NAQI® roots  lie in sports medicine  & dermatology offering a unique blend of products  for professionals .This results in a variety of functionally different massage lotions. The aim to provide the right massage lotion for each treatment and therapist .
  2. Innovative: NAQI® continuously invests in improvement . The NAQI Research & Development Department not only actively controls  quality but also aims to  optimize  our lotions, optimize their feel , gliding effect and skin effectiveness .
  3. Skin Deep :  the NAQI® motto is : “ Your skin  matters to us”.  We ensure all of our products protect  and improve the natural skin balance. None of the  NAQI® products contain any parabens nor formaldehyde releasers or even standard preservative  agents, which are all ingredients that people’s skin can grow intolerant to.