Prosomed – We are a company from Italy, specialized in products for physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The company was founded by a physiotherapist, due to its everyday needs. We are manufacturer of – Human Tape, high quality tape used to reduce pain and support body movement. Available in 12 colors and 5 different sizes. It is sensitive to the skin and stays on long. Maintains the results obtained by manual treatment on fascia – Selos, tools for treatment of fascia. Allow to release fascia adherences and improve fascia gliding. Selos allows a painfree, effective and specific treatment of fascia and connective tissue. Specific tools help to be more precise on the tissue and to work on different tissue layers – Myfast, rolls used for myofascia self treatment. – Manual therapy products, such as wedges and belts. To support the therapist during manual therapy treatment Find many other products on our online shop: