Songbird Naturals

Songbird Naturals Ltd grew out of Tui Trading, a business which at its infancy was created at the Tui Community, Golden Bay, New Zealand in 2000. It was then set up in Somerset in the UK with the specific intention of importing and distributing Tui products directly from the Tui Community into the British market. We have been actively promoting the use of our Altogether Natural Massage Waxes and Balms in the UK since 2002. We decided to start the business after seeing the product in use in New Zealand whilst living at the community. Seeing it being made and using it ourselves, we believed it was a great product and was needed in the UK. We were in a good position to set the ball rolling and it’s been rolling up and down the UK, and now Europe, ever since!

After discussions between ourselves and the Tui Bee Balm Co-Operative in 2007, it was decided that it was preferable to make the products in the UK, and not import them all the way from New Zealand. A lighter carbon footprint , expansion into Australia, spiralling transport costs and a sincere desire to follow the maxim of ‘think global; act local’ were some of the reasons for this co-operative decision. A fair licensing agreement was concluded, production rooms set up – and with the goodwill and best wishes from all in the Tui CO-OP, our first UK pots rolled off the line in July 2008 to the same high standard found in New Zealand.

In 2004 the business was moved from our house to the Norton Barn in Ditcheat, Somerset, where our offices and production unit are now situated. It is set on the hills near to where the Glastonbury Festival takes place, close to Shepton Mallet. In 2006 the name of the business was changed from Tui Trading to Songbird Naturals Ltd.