Discover the surprisingly powerful and positive effect of magnets. MAGNETIX Wellness is one of the leading suppliers of magnetic jewellery. The company has over ten million customers worldwide and approximately 2,000 active sales partners in 17 countries.

Magnetix Wellness jewellery & accessories for ladies, gents, children and their pets too! The beautiful collection, German made with Stainless steel and Silicone.

The range offers designer magnetic jewellery collections and accessories such as the Power Heart or the magnetic water sticks, cosmetics, perfumes and wellness products such as massage magnets and magnetic insoles.

All contain neodymium magnets, which are particularly durable, amongst the strongest magnets in the world. Some pieces have copper too, which is prized for its natural antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties.

Magnets & copper are used for their grounding, therapeutic & healing purposes – not only for aches & pains also helps with balance, flexibility, improved sleep and general wellbeing.

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