Alison Harvey

BSc (Hons)/ MSc Chiro, CST-D, BI-D

Alison Harvey trained as a chiropractor following her own treatment. The natural, holistic methods employed by chiropractic and focus on prevention of further health problems impressed her. After her studies, she worked in Surrey and Sussex in natural health centres, to widen her knowledge of complementary medicine, before returning to her Scottish homeland to start her own practice in Ayr in 2002. She trained in Applied Kinesiology and CranioSacral Therapy to allow her to expand her holistic approach.

Alison is highly trained in Visceral Manipulation through the Barral Institute and uses it extensively with her patients. She finds this further increases her scope of practice so she can work with people with conditions that do not usually resolve with chiropractic care. She is the only UK instructor for the Barral Institute and runs its UK branch. She has also written a book “A Pathway to Health” about visceral manipulation.

Main stage lecture

The Fascia of the Abdominal Cavity

The fascia of the abdominal cavity has a vital role in organ function. The connections of the fascia are widespread creating communication between the abdominal cavity and the rest of the body. The fascial connections within the abdominal cavity create relationships between organs and thereby influence the function of the organs themselves, their neighbours and the body in its entirety. Often, the abdominal cavity is skirted round but this presentation aims to consider the contents of the cavity and its wider implications.

Aims of the lecture:

  • To discuss the role of peritoneum in the abdominal cavity
  • To look at the connections of the peritoneum
  • Discuss specialized areas of fascia in the abdominal cavity
  • To look at how abdominal organs are supported and how these support systems influence the surrounding tissues and the body as a whole
  • Consider specific scenarios in relation to abdominal fascial restriction