John Sharkey MSc and Joanne Avison (E-RYT500, IASI)

SPECIALIST LECTURE – “FASCIA-TEGRITY” – main stage, Saturday afternoon option.


In this presentation, fascia and biotensegrity combine to provide contiguity of gold standard research. Come and enjoy learning how connective tissue and the biotensegrity model make sense of natural human motion. The facts of fascia diversity are presented as compelling evidence of a new paradigm in the science of body architecture leading to one undeniable truth, our interrelated unity and our self-organising emerging behaviour.

The interplay between form and function can be seen in our mountains, rivers, ant colonies, and complex life forms such as jellyfish and sponges. We witness Nature’s complex patterns manifested through self-organizing emergent behaviour, resulting from individual internal elements. These elements respond to local influences as a result of a fixed set of rules, in soft matter physics. Human bodies abide by these rules relentlessly and the research supports the shift in understanding of living biologic architecture.

The relationships between components in a complex system are generally more important than the components themselves because local rules regarding connectivity generate global order. Invisible forces such as the light from the sun, the air we breathe, the ground we walk on, all call for more than what is currently understood from the biomechanical sum of the anatomical parts. Everything is connected and transformed through this connection and the nature of its connected organisation.

Join Joanne Avison and John Sharkey for a presentation that promises to present fascia in an entirely new light.