Wilbour Kelsick


Dr. Wilbour Kelsick received his BSc. in Kinesiology from SFU and his D.C. from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic University. He is a Fellow and Vice President of the College of Chiropractic Sport Sciences (Canada), a Fellow of the College of Chiropractic Rehabilitative Sciences (Canada), and a faculty member in the Department of Graduate Studies at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic University. Dr. Kelsick has written and published several articles, is a contributing author for a medical text and also recent contributor to Fascia in sports and Movement and once sat on the editorial board of the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association (peer review journal). Dr. Kelsick holds post-graduate specialties in the field of sports injuries and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. He continues (for over 20 years) to work as team doctor at the Olympics, World Championships and the Commonwealth Games. He is the founder and Clinical director of Maxfit Movement Institute Integrative Health Centre and Teach Me to Run Workshops. Dr Kelsick lectures both locally and internationally.

Main stage lecture

Integrating Alternative and Complimentary Fascia therapies into Conventional medicine – How to create the bridge

Present day health care practitioners are basing their clinical practice concept on the newly resurrected principles of connective tissue anatomy and physiology – fascia science. In today’s world patients will seek out several different practitioners to address their different health issues. Finding a way in which these many health care approaches (conventional & alternative therapies) can benefit patients, led to the concepts of blending the approaches. Hence, the term Integrative Medicine (IM) was born.

Recent evidence shows integrative practices are on the rise and it represents a new worldview and paradigm shift in delivering health care.  IM has many benefits but is also plagued with several challenges for both practitioner and patient. Patients depend on clinical experts to give them the best advice about their health care. They want to trust a clinician with experience.

To become an excellent health care provider presently requires several crucial attributes, such as being: an information guru; multi-media literate; a communication specialist, and a creative problem finder and not just problem solver.