MELT Method - Gold Sponsor:

The MELT Method® (MELT®) is a simple self-treatment designed to help you stay healthy, youthful, and active for a lifetime. Just 10 minutes of MELT three times a week is all you need to become a Hands-Off Bodyworker® and reduce the effects of accumulated tension and stress caused by daily living. This full-body method of self-care can be customized to your particular needs – from improving performance and decreasing the risk of repetitive stress injuries to eliminating chronic pain, regardless of what’s causing your pain in the first place.

MELT is also an education system that simplifies established and new neurofascial science into an adaptable Living Body Model® that self-empowers and self-educates laypersons in a manner that is fun and engaging to encourage lifelong self-care.

MELT hands-off development initially began in the 90’s with the tinkering of PVC pipes wrapped in variously changing padded layers in an effort to create results akin to light-touch hands-on therapy, such as osteopathy. By the time MELT was introduced in group environments in 2004, it was called M.E.L.T., an acronym for Myofascial Energetic Length Technique.

All MELT techniques and protocols were built upon key aspects of these major hands-on therapies and influencers: Neuromuscular Therapy (Chaitow), CranioSacral (Upledger), Manual Muscle Testing (Kendall and McCreary), Lymphatic Drainage (Chikly), Visceral Manipulation (Barral), Anatomy Trains (Myers), Structural Integration (Rolf), the World Fascia Congress (Vleeming, Pollack, Hedley, Stecco et al.), and others.


Body in Harmony Training - Gold Sponsor:

Principal, Jan Trewartha, the director of the British Fascia Symposium, is an experienced tutor of over 25 years’ experience.  She is passionate about educating therapists across a diverse selection of training modules to help them develop their skillsets, tissue awareness and ability to ‘read’ their clients’ bodies.  These include the flagship Sharon Wheeler ScarWork course and the Body Realignment diploma. www.bodyinharmony.org.uk

Functional Fascia - Silver Sponsor:

Functional Fascia, led by Julian Baker, one of Europe's leading experts on connective tissue function and dissection, run hands-on Integrated Anatomy classes for allied health professionals where you do the dissection.  Our outstanding classes will give attendees a greater understanding of the functional anatomy of the human body and how this translates into every day, hands-on therapeutic treatment approaches, transforming your practice.  This dissection process is completely different to the standard anatomical approaches used in medical schools and universities, as it is specifically designed with manual and movement therapists in mind.  Focusing on functional movement, these game changing classes will ‘fast track’ your understanding of the body, filling in anatomical blanks and blending seamlessly with your everyday practice.


Susan Findlay - Silver Sponsor:

Do you want to know more about Oncology Massage, or how to improve your existing hands on skills, or even get a bit of business advice? Susan will be on hand to answer your questions at stand…. if you cannot catch her there please feel free to chat with her at any time, actually, best not when she is on the podium!  Have a great time at the event, may it enrich your practice.



Moving Fascia - Bronze Sponsor:

An embodied fascial anatomy programme designed to educate and inspire movement teachers and bodywork practitioners.

Ana Barretxeguren developed Moving Fascia® embodied anatomy courses through self-enquiry, her passion for anatomy and her extensive work helping people recover from injury. The course is packed with self-release techniques, movement and embodiment tools informed by her studies on anatomical sciences, her extensive career as a Pilates teacher, myofascial release and visceral manipulation therapist.

Ana's understanding and appreciation of movement has been shaped by her experience of living with Catamenial Pneumothorax, a rare condition where a woman suffers repeated lung collapses during menstruation. Ana has repeatedly explored the fascial relationships in the body, focusing her research on the visceral space and its connections to breath and movement.

All Moving Fascia® courses, hosted in Brighton, London and now online, are dedicated to the study of fascial anatomy and its influence on our movement.


LAST - Bronze Sponsor:

Ligamentous Articular Strain Techniques (LAST) taught by Robert Libbey RMT (Canada), is a reconceptualization and a revitalization of a classical Osteopathic Manual Technique. Robert brings his experience from practicing over 25yrs and from instructing and updating LAST for the past 10yrs into his courses.

Robert has incorporated current evidence informed research supporting and explaining the physiological effects of treatment and has redefined the narrative of LAST to align with our current understandings of pain science.

Ligamentous/fascial injuries are no longer seen as just simple local musculoskeletal peripheral joint injuries, but as systemic dysfunctions affecting a patient's biotensegrity and neuropsychophysiology, influencing all aspects of their life.

In the courses (Live and Online) we discuss the influences that ligamentous injuries and conditions have on the fascial system and the CNS. We discuss how LAST influences the changes that occur with treatment, we review the peripheral neurological innervations, specific mechanoreceptors and the Ligament Pain Referral Patterns for each joint of the body. We also discuss the importance of incorporating a biopsychosocial perspective into treatment.


Affinity Therapy Equipment - Bronze Sponsor:

Quality Without Compromise. Commitment to Quality. Designed by Therapists for Therapists. Fit for Purpose. Classic Designs with Modern Functionality - all statements synonymous with Affinity therapy equipment and, since the brand’s creation in 2005, feel more important than ever. With over 22 years of manufacturing experience, our therapy tables and accessories meet the most demanding of standards, reliability and unsurpassed quality. Working closely with therapists has enabled us to create and nurture new and innovative ideas into our tables which are now widely used in private practice, spas, salons, hospices, colleges, sports and medical facilities. Our focus has always been offering exceptional levels of comfort for both therapist and client alike, whilst ensuring the product is fit for purpose and offers value for money. We know that a comfortable therapist will want to treat all day and a comfortable client will have a better treatment experience. No matter what your requirements, the Affinity range will exceed your expectations and with the assurance of Affinity being part of Certikin International Ltd, you know that every product is made to the highest standard and backed by a generous warranty. When you buy Affinity you can buy with confidence.

Natural Bodies - Bronze Sponsor:

Myofascial movement trainings, anatomy movement courses and anatomy courses for yoga and Pilates teachers, London, U.K.

At Natural Bodies, Gary Carter teaches, trains and encourages kinaesthetic awareness, ease of movement, and efficient body use in exercise, sport and many movement disciplines, which can bring a renewed sense of health and vitality into everyday life through revolutionised personal training techniques, yoga, Pilates, Gyro movement, martial arts and fascial movement practices. www.naturalbodies.co.uk