Christian Courraud, PT Phd, and Cyril Dupuis, PT, MSc

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Venue: St Johns - Banbury

Fibromyalgia, Fascia and Manual Therapy

Fascia has a rich innervation, which opens new perspectives to better understanding the mechanisms of pain. Dysfunctions of fascia may trigger pain, and problems of perception of the body.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain syndrome, characterised by widespread pain, sleeping problems, and chronic fatigue. Fascia is regularly mentioned in papers on fibromyalgia. Recent studies have given clues as to the efficiency of fascial treatment approach for fibromyalgia.

DBM Fasciatherapy is a body-mind approach which addresses the fascia and its connection with the brain.

This workshop is designed to allow participants to experiment this integrated approach.

Over the course of the workshop, the following will be covered:

  • Fascia as a sensory organ;
  • Fibromyalgia and its complexity;
  • DBM Fasciatherapy and its action on fascia;
  • An extensive hands-on session;
  • Feedback on the sensations perceived, and how this experience furthers knowledge of fascia.

Experienced practitioners will help the participants in the exploration of DBM fasciatherapy.

Christian Courraud
is director of TMG Concept, the French training institution of DBM Fasciatherapy. He has been training professionals for the last 20 years. He developed DBM Fasciatherapy for high-level athletes.

Today, as director of the CERAP (research laboratory), he conducts research on the therapeutic effects of DBM Fasciatherapy and on training methodologies.

He has contributed to numerous publications relating to DBM Fasciatherapy.

He is a member of the Fascia Research Society, and of the editorial board of the Journal “Mains Libres”

Cyril Dupuis is a physiotherapist and a research assistant at CERAP laboratory. He has been a practitioner of DBM fasciatherapy since 2000 in his private practice in France. He is specialized in chronic pain and in fibromyalgia. He shares his work at national and international conferences. He has also published his work on mixed research methodology.

He is a member of the Fascia Research Society, and of IASP.


Requirements for course:

Wear comfortable clothes

Please bring, if you can: couch covers and cushions

Open to all practising therapists.