Divo Mueller HP

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Saturday Workshop30 places, 4 available

Venue: Ramada Inn Presidential Suite

Fascial Pelvic Floor Training

N.B. This workshop is held at the Ramada Inn 

Participants will learn about the different functional roles of the fascial system and of the importance of collagenous tissues for a healthy and resilient pelvic floor . The focus will be on the myofascial connections and their force transmission as well as the interaction of the diaphragm and breath for a strong- elastic as well as an supple-flexible pelvic floor.

Tension, fibrosis and densification of the ground substance have been suggested to contribute to myofascial pain syndrome, incontinence, and to a loss of elastic power in the pelvic floor.

Therefore, a comprehensive pelvic floor training should complement muscular components with specific training stimulations for related collagenous tissues.

The workshop will invite participants to playful fascia oriented training elements involving

  • elastic rebound movements to enhance fascial resilience
  • release and rehydration as self treatment techniques with foam rollers and balls
  • enhancing interoception and self-sensing via breath and guided sensory refinement exercises

Divo Mueller HP is co-director of the Somatics Academy GbR in Munich/Germany. She is founder and executive director of the Bodybliss Method in movement therapy and the related Bodybliss Studio in Munich (www.bodybliss.de). She is one of the leading co-founders of Fascial Fitness, an innovative movement training, created by an international core group of sport scientists and somatic oriented therapists around Tom Myers, Wilbour Kelsick DC in collaboration with the fascia research group University Ulm, supervised by her husband Dr. Robert Schleip.

Divo is a licensed German naturopath (Heilpraktiker) since 1995, certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (1995, by Peter Levine PhD et al.), certified Myofascial Release Practitioner (2000, by Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Myofascial Release e.V.). She was authorized as first European Continuum Movement teacher by Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper in 1993. Senior Fascial Fitness Mastertrainer since 2010

Requirements for course:

Please bring a Yoga mats

Wear: Comfortable gym or sport clothes. No shoes

Open to all: participants should be able to bounce and perform easy jumps. They should be comfortable moving on the floor.

N.B. This workshop is held at the Ramada Inn, 5-10 minutes’ walk from the venue. ***Stair access only**** . Free parking – give Reception barrier ticket for free validation. (Signposted Ramada OR Jarvis)