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Venue: Ramada Inn Presidential Suite

Moving with the Tensional Network. Exploring the Myofascial Slings and Movement applications

N.B. This workshop is held upstairs at the Ramada Inn, stair access only

This short workshop introduces the Myofascial Slings and their application to movement modalities.

By exploring the findings of Sling formation, alternate Myofascial continuities which can generate potential ease and lightness of movement, helping to reinforce the Elastic strength of the system and help to alleviate load and compression at key points in our bodies further creating conditions of economy movement.

  • Students will learn about the 3 leg slings and relevant Myofascial connections exploring how they effect everyday movement
  • They will explore the relevant Myofascial Anatomy and layout of these structures we apply their relevance to movement practices and training.
  • They will understand how to apply a series of refined movements and routines which gradually develop the smooth graceful quality in movement, adding tensional strength, integration and resilience to the system.

Gary has over 30 years of experience in movement physical training, anatomical study and bodywork.

A background in athletics, competition cycling, bodybuilding, martial arts, yoga and manual therapies, led him to create NaturalBodies in 1992 to teach, train, encouraging kinesthetic awareness, efficient body use in exercise, sport and many movement disciplines.

Hosting Tom Myers for the first ground-breaking Anatomy Trains courses from 1999  to 2004 and after graduating in KMI in 2001 Gary co-taught with Tom on Anatomy Trains courses in the UK and USA.

Over the past 15 years he has lectured in Movement and Fascial Anatomy for Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Martial Arts teacher trainings, massage schools and Physiotherapists, around the UK and Ireland.

He ran the Science of Movement course at Middlesex University from 2007 to 2011.

Studied Dissection at the Institute of Anatomy in Vienna with Todd Garcia, and continued studies with Gil Hedley, he runs Dissective studies for student teachers of his Anatomy of movement courses alongside Julian Baker.

He has run several yoga teacher trainings and continues to run his highly acclaimed Myofascial Anatomy for yoga and Pilates courses in England, Scotland, Ireland and Europe, and is now training a team of teachers to run these courses in Europe and U.K.



Requirements for course:

Open to all but a movement background of some sort would be useful.

Please bring a Yoga mat.

Wear soft, easy to move in clothing.

N.B. This workshop is held upstairs at the Ramada Inn, 10 minutes’ walk from the venue. ***Stair access only****. Free parking – give Reception barrier ticket for free validation. (Signposted Ramada OR Jarvis). Breakfast option non-resident £12. Breakfast times: 7 – 10 am.