Jenny Burrell BSc (Hons)

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Sunday Workshop - (hands-on) 40 places, 27 available

Venue: St Johns - Gloucester 1 + 2

Holistic C-Section Recovery – An Integrated Approach

Although a major surgery, re-hab for women who have experienced a C-Section, not only for birth but for other gynaecological intervention, is fairly non-existent.  With the potential for adhesions and scar tissue to cause a lack of synergy and functionality within the ‘core’ affecting respiration, abdominal aesthetics and motor control as well as incontinence, this session aims to give the attendee an overview of the anatomy of C-Section dysfunction before teaching some essential hands-on strategies that truly improve functionality and motor control abilities.

Jenny Burrell is the head of Burrell Education, a UK based Women’s Health, Movement, Fitness and Soft Tissue education provider delivering progressive education both here in the UK and globally online.  Jenny is the creator of the Holistic Core Restore programme and specializes in education and holistic solutions for women and professionals serving women throughout their childbearing years and beyond.



Requirements for course:

Open to all practising therapists but particularly useful for anyone working with the Post Birth woman at any stage of her recovery, even decades later.

Please bring couch cover and cushion, if you are able to.

Also bring your normal massage medium and a small hand towel.