Jing Advanced Massage Training

When you book your ticket, you will be able to choose (FREE and included in the overall price):

One workshop and one lecture over the weekend.
One lecture on each of Saturday and Sunday

You may also choose one early morning workshop over the weekend.

Once you have booked your workshop/afternoon lectures, you will not be able to change these choices until you arrive at the venue via the Workshop Desk (subject to availability).

Sunday Workshop - (hands-on) 24 places, 13 available

Venue: St Johns - Banbury

Meridians and Myofascia: A fascial approach to Eastern acupressure

This workshop examines how Eastern bodywork systems based on acupuncture points and meridians have a scientific anatomical basis in the fascial system.

You will learn:

  • An overview of meridian systems in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Thai massage and their anatomical relevance to intermuscular fascial planes
  • Hands on techniques derived from Traditional Chinese medicine that aim to release fascial restrictions
  • Powerful acupressure points for the treatment of common chronic musculoskeletal disorders including low back pain and neck and shoulder pain.
  • How to sense blockages in ‘qi’ and the relationship to areas of altered fascial composition
  • Relevant scientific research showing the parallels between Eastern theory and Western knowledge of fascia

A hands-on model for integrating both Eastern and Western thinking into bodywork clinical practice will be demonstrated and you will leave the workshop with a range of dynamic new techniques that you can incorporate into your clinical practice.

Rachel Fairweather & Meghan Mari , founders and Directors of Jing Advanced Massage Training, are co-authors of the book Massage Fusion: The Jing method for the treatment of chronic pain. The ‘Jing method’ explores how fascial approaches can be creatively combined with other advanced soft tissue work to produce effective outcomes in the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain. Rachel and Meghan have over 30 years combined experience in the industry, are sought-after international guest lecturers, write regularly for professional trade magazines, and together have twice received awards for outstanding achievement in their field.

Both have degrees in psychology and have trained extensively in Eastern and Western bodywork. Rachel holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work, an AOS in Massage Therapy and is a licensed massage therapist. Meghan is a New York Licensed massage therapist, Certified Holistic Health Educator, and holds a Masters in International Law.


Requirements for course:

Open to all practising therapists.

Please bring couch cover and cushion if you are able to.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing.