Julian Baker and Cliff Eaton MSc BSC (Hons) MCSP

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Venue: St Johns - Auditorium

Fascial Plasticity with the Gravity System

This workshop will examine the role of the Forward Head Posture in functional movement and will introduce the Gravity device for fascial plasticity.

One of the biggest problems presenting itself to the 21st century human, is that of the forward head posture.  Using mobile phones, laptop computers, and sitting in static positions for extended periods has led us to an epidemic of posture related illness.

Forward head posture has been proven to be associated with depression, poor breathing, neck and back pain, migraines and even increased mortality.  These positions are held in place by fascial loading and something is needed to take us away from this position and retrain our tissues.

The Gravity system works with the plasticity of the fascia to gradually develop the body into a ‘dynamic neutral’, where the head, spine and pelvis are re-educated into restoring and maintaining a joined up and natural position.

This workshop will examine the theory of fascial plasticity and allow you the deeply relaxing experience of using Gravity to create a profound and relaxing space to promote repair.

Julian Baker has been a hands on therapist for over 25 years.  The founder of the European College of Bowen Studies, ECBS he has taught thousands of students over the years the skill of The Bowen Technique, a non invasive system of fascial release.

He is the author of two books on Bowen and Fascia and has contributed hundreds of articles about bodywork, fascia, dissection and the human form.

Julian now runs Functional Fascia, leading fascia-focused dissection groups.

A popular and sought after speaker, he has presented widely at conferences around the world.
Cliff Eaton MSc BSC (Hons) MCSP has spent his career working in professional sport at an elite level. This is a competitive environment where success is determined by outcomes. He has had articles published in international Journals on Sport Specific Rehabilitation. He is also a published author on the subject of Shockwave therapy. More recently he has turned his attention to education. He is now an internationally recognised speaker on therapeutic modalities for musculoskeletal therapists.

Cliff was introduced to the Gravity System two years ago with some degree of scepticism. However, after achieving significant clinical successes with Gravity by incorporating it into his patient management, he was converted. Wishing to have a better understanding of why he was getting the results he was with Gravity he started searching the literature for answers. His review of the literature cumulated in his latest course: Occular-vesibular Kinetic Integration Therapy.  The course looks at how the somatosensory system is compromised though injury, disease or ageing. The ocular-vestibular system (OVS) becomes essential to provide plasticity of neuromuscular pathways when this occurs. For the OVS to work effectively the body needs good spinal alignment.  The course goes on to show how gravity can have a positive effect on achieving this.


Requirements for course:

Bring a notebook, loose clothing, a yoga mat and cushion or pillow if you have one.  You could also bring a blanket or something to put over yourself in case the room is draughty.

Open to all.