MELT Method: Nicola Kidney and Monica Halper

When you book your ticket, you will be able to choose (FREE and included in the overall price):

One workshop and one lecture over the weekend.
One lecture on each of Saturday and Sunday

You may also choose one early morning workshop over the weekend.

Once you have booked your workshop/afternoon lectures, you will not be able to change these choices until you arrive at the venue via the Workshop Desk (subject to availability).

Sunday Early-morning25 places, 14 available

Venue: St Johns - Warwick

MELT Method; Self-Care for your Connective Tissue

Are you a therapist or a movement specialist? Do you spend your days treating and helping other people? Do you make time for your own self care?  Take some time for you; come and experience the MELT Method!

Using techniques to simulate the results of manual hands-on treatment, Monica and Nicola will teach you how to become your own hands-off body worker.  The MELT Method techniques can reduce inflammation, ease chronic neck and low back strain and improve alignment.  Spend an hour with us to learn how you can nourish your own connective tissue, rebalance your nervous system and feel better now!

Nicola and Monica are both Advanced MELT Method Instructors, among the first to bring the technique to the UK. Both Monica and Nicola have a history of Pilates, yoga and fitness education, and have accumulated hours of live and online courses with notable fascial researchers such as Gil Hedley, Jean Claude Guimberteau, Tom Myers and Julian Baker. After attending the insightful BFS 2016 Pre-Conference lectures, the two assisted Sue Hitzmann throughout the Conference. Since then, along with their busy teaching schedules and ongoing studies, they have offered MELT Method Immersion workshops, presented at the Woman on Fire Conference in Brighton and were Teaching Assistants at the first UK MELT Method teacher training. Besides the influence of so many amazing educators, Nicola and Monica consider each student a fresh opportunity to learn more about the anatomy of movement and this amazing web of tissue in which we are enveloped.

Requirements for course:

Open to all.

Please bring a Yoga mat.

Wear comfortable, loose clothing.