Steven Goldstein

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Saturday Workshop - (hands-on) 30 places, 18 available

Venue: St Johns - Warwick 1 + 2

NFM Neurofascial Mobilisation for the Lower Extremity LE1: The Sciatic Pathway

Do you understand neural tension? How can you harness your fascial skill set, applying it to resolve neural tension?

Often by the time you see a client, they’re well on their way to neural dysfunction. Why not intervene much sooner and eliminate neural tension before it arrives in this state?

For the nervous system to move normally, it must successfully execute three primary mechanical functions; withstand tension, slide in its container, and be compressible. Shacklock 2006

In this short workshop I will offer to you the base neurodynamic tests: Slump and SLR; how to differentiate muscular tension from neural tension along the sciatic pathway, demonstrating basic technique to relax the sciatic nerve which will change muscular tension.

Join me in upgrading your skill set and learn that once you understand how to strategically intervene, you can release nerves with very little effort, your outcomes will soar!

Steven Goldstein,  has a B.A. in Education 1984, B. Health Science in Musculoskeletal Therapy 2007, is an American émigré to Australia residing in Melbourne, Australia since 1999. An innovative massage educator since 1992, instructing internationally his unique blend of direct myofascial, indirect osteopathic releasing methods and somatic bodywork approaches since 1995 known as Fascial Therapy, and director of the Fascial Therapy Institute Australia.

Steven is a frequent presenter at conferences in North America, United Kingdom, Middle East, India & Australia including: Club Physio South Africa, NHP Canada, SMTO Scotland, Massage and Myotherapy Australia, Australian Traditional Medicine Society, IRMA Myotherapy Association, Olympic Soft-Tissue Injury Forum, and the Bowen Federation of Australia BTFA. 

A regular contributor to Massage and Myotherapy Australia Massage Therapy Journal, AMT In Good Hands, NHP Canada’s Connections and Bodywork Professional Development UK SMTO journals on a variety of manual therapy soft-tissue topics.



Requirements for course:

Wear: loose fitting clothing and/or shorts for access to the posterior thigh and popliteal fossa.

Please bring if you can: couch cover and cushion.

Open to beginners but therapists used to working with lighter touch will benefit most from this workshop.