Suzanne Wylde BSc (Hons), BM (Beijing), MATCM

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Venue: St Johns - Packwood

Moving Stretch®: Combining Tension And Movement To Recondition The Fascia

Moving Stretch® is a new technique for reconditioning the fascia which gets amazing results in postural improvement, mobility and performance. It includes both self-stretching and assisted stretching and this workshop will introduce you to both modalities.

You will learn how to engage the fascia through resistance and simultaneously stretch and strengthen the body, through a variety of movements. This will be a great introduction to Moving Stretch® which will interest anyone who knows they want to work with the fascia in a very organic and in-depth way that leads to permanent changes.

You will learn about the theory behind Moving Stretch®, have the opportunity to participate in the self-stretches and then watch a demonstration of assisted stretching. At the end of the workshop you will have a deeper understanding of working with the fascia through the use of resistance and varied movements and how we sense what to work on.

Suzanne Wylde is the creator of Moving Stretch®, a system of both self- and assisted-stretching which uses tension paired with movement to recondition the fascia. Having practiced Chinese medicine on clients with a wide range of conditions and backgrounds, both privately and on the NHS, Suzanne found that there was a need for a method of working on one’s own fascia to maintain health and mobility.

Integrating experience of working with chronic pain clients, athletes, office workers and others, she created Moving Stretch® self-stretching to suit a variety of body types and physical issues. The assisted stretching and walking massage produces even more powerful results and is a nuanced and highly adaptable technique. Suzanne practices in London, runs training courses and workshops in Moving Stretch® in the UK and abroad and has written a book; Moving Stretch: Work Your Fascia to Free Your Body (Lotus Publishing).

Requirements for course:

Please wear comfortable clothing.

Bring: Yoga mat and bottle of water.

Open to all practising therapists.