Til Luchau, Certified Advanced Rolfer

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One workshop and one lecture over the weekend.
One lecture on each of Saturday and Sunday

You may also choose one early morning workshop over the weekend.

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Saturday Workshop - (hands-on) 40 places, 1 available

Venue: St Johns - Gloucester 1 + 2

Cervicogenic and tension headaches myofascial techniques 

Our understanding of cervicogenic and tension headaches has been greatly enriched by recent research into manual therapy’s relevant mechanisms and effects. Join popular lecturer and author Til Luchau as he leads a hands-on practicum of specific, fascia-based manual therapy techniques, informed by both fascial research and biopsychosocial perspectives.

Aims and objectives: Increase your repertory and understanding of assessments, approaches, techniques for several kinds of head pain, including common headaches, tension headaches, cervicogenic headaches, and more.

Til Luchau is the author of Advanced Myofascial Techniques, Vol 1 and Vol 2, published by Handspring Press. A Certified Advanced Rolfer, he was on the faculty of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration for over 20 years. His popular trainings for manual therapy practitioners have over 4,000 alumni on six continents. He is a Certified Advanced Rolfer, and the director of Advanced-Trainings.com.

Requirements for course:

Please bring if you can: couch covers, cushions.

Open to all practising therapists or advanced students.

N.B. A manual will be provided – cost to students £2 each. Please collect from Workshop Desk on arrival and pay cash.