Wilbour Kelsick Bsc.Kin, DC, FRCCSS(C) , FCCRS(C

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One workshop and one lecture over the weekend.
One lecture on each of Saturday and Sunday

You may also choose one early morning workshop over the weekend.

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Saturday Workshop25 places, 16 available

Venue: Meet at Reception

Teach me to Run

The Teach Me to Run program is a practical hands on program which teaches you the technique of running based on arts and science.

In our workshop we TEACH YOU:

  • How to breathe during running
  • How to run elastically
  • How to maintain proper arm, upper body, trunk and pelvis and lower extremity posture (i.e. ideal running form)
  • How to travel in air between strides i.e. covering distance during every stride cycle
  • How to decreasing foot contact time on the ground
  • Ideal running posture for you
  • How to train/condition your myofascia system(muscles & fascia) to gain the appropriate strength and endurance for running (i.e. functional fascia training for running)
  • How to train your body to resist early onset fatigue in running
  • How to recover from running training sessions
  • How to nourish your body for running (i.e. having the proper nutrients to boost your bodies energy capacity for running and daily living)

The Teach Me To Run workshop will help you understand the fundamentals of running biomechanics, efficient running form and how you can prepare yourself or clients to have a successful running career and decrease incidence of injuries.

This workshop is appropriate for the relatively experienced, novice, or want-to-be runner who wants to improve their skill and efficiency in running. If you are a tri-athlete who wishes to decrease running time segment; a soccer or basketball player who wants to improve speed and explosive power; a coach or fitness trainer who wants to improve your athletes’ running skill, you will benefit.

Dr. WILBOUR KELSICK received his BSc. in Kinesiology from SFU and his D.C. from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic University. He is a Fellow and Vice President of the College of Chiropractic Sport Sciences (Canada), a Fellow of the College of Chiropractic Rehabilitative Sciences (Canada), and a faculty member in the Department of Graduate Studies at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic University. Dr. Kelsick has written and published several articles, is a contributing author for a medical text and also recent contributor to Fascia in sports and Movement and once sat on the editorial board of the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association (peer review journal). He holds post-graduate specialties in the field of sports injuries and musculoskeletal rehabilitation and continues (for over 20 years) to work as team doctor at the Olympics, World Championships and the Commonwealth Games. He is the founder and Clinical director of Maxfitmovement Institute Integrative Health Centre and Teach Me to Run Workshops.  Dr Kelsick lectures both locally and internationally.







Requirements for course:

Running shoes and clothes. Running attitude.

N.B. This is a two hour workshop from 4.00 – 6.00pm on the Saturday afternoon Meet at venue Reception.